Standard products

Basic for your individual success

PURPLAN standard products are a real basic for your individual success since our standard items are much more than just “off the shelf” products. Along with our experience, combined with our know-how in setting- up complex industrial plants, we are providing high-qualtity standard products and pre-fabricated modules. Those are installations like container-stations, dosing- units and even supply–units for testing-stations. And as always at PURPLAN, these products will be adjusted and customized according to our clients’ requirements. Thus our standard will be a strong basic for a tailor-made installation.

      Our standards, Your benefit

      PURPLAN standard items are providing various benefits. As those products are pre-designed in a modular format, they can be produced very quickly, without any obstacles. Nevertheless they can be adapted to individual production requirements and challenges. Thus our standard solutions are the perfect addition to existing industrial installations.